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That's why, instead of assembling a definitive list of the "best bars in D.C." -- the "best" Irish bar, the "best" dance club, the "best" happy hour -- I've put together a guide to 21 interesting places where you should drink and party right now.She asked on her show last week What kind of world is it when a 14 year old girl can be picked up and disappear on her way to school? In 2002 Samantha Runyon was kidnapped in Escondido, raped, then her body thrown down a mountainside, where it was found by two men who were hang gliding days later.13 year old Alycia Nipp in Washington State died in much the same way on February 22nd.Either way, there's something for just about everyone.In an effort to keep things fresh, and to save you from reading about the glories of Church Key or the Columbia Room yet again, I've tried to limit this to bars that have opened, changed key staff or made significant upgrades in the past two years or so.


But when people ask me to name the best bar in the District, I never have a good answer, because I don't believe there is a "best" bar in the Washington area. I've done my part over the years as The Post's nightlife reporter, compiling lists of the best dance clubs, taco happy hours, beer bars and places to watch soccer.


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