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Clarke Criterion LD - Commentary by director Terry Gilliam; A detailed analysis of the film's script and development; Production sketches, models & costume tests; Clips, stills, and notes from previous Munchausen film versions; Step-by-step presentation of special effects compositing; History of the film's legendary production, with interviews and location video; Original theatrical trailer, posters, & advertising campaigns 2001 DVD - "Capsule" option (English translation of graffiti, signs, ect.), "Akira Production Report" -documentary ( min), Akira sound clip by Geinoh Yamashiro Gumi ( min), "Interview with director Katsuhiro Otomo" -featurette ( min), "Interviews with restoration staff" (Picture ( min), English Voiceover ( min), English 5.1 Mix ( min)), Over 4,500 stills of Akira glossary Alien SE DVD - Alternate Music & Production Sound audio track Alien Saga DVD - Aliens production featurettes (Grunts in Space, Behind the Scenes and profile pieces on James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver), uncut Sigourney Weaver screen test footage 2005 DVD - "The Making of Av P" Featurette & Stills Galleries 2005 Unrated DVD - HBO First Look: 'Alien vs.

Predator', Hell-Bent (Comic Book), Lefty's Revenge (Comic Book), & Chained to Life & Death (Comic Book) 2000 DVD - Making-of Featurette & Christian Bale Interview 2005 DVD - “American Psycho: Book to Screen” (4 parts) -documentary: The Book, The Deal, The Film, The Pornography of Killing: An Essay by Holly Willis, 2 Original theatrical trailers, 3 TV spot, "The Newspaper Killer" featurette, "My Life" featurette, "Berlin 2000" featurette, Interviews: Willem Dafoe (), Reese Witherspoon (), Christian Bale (), Chloe Sevigny (), Jared Leto (), Mary Harron (), "Scenes from the Set / B-Roll" Footage (), & Isolated Score 2001 DVD - Audio commentary by director Peter Howitt and editor Zach Staenberg,"Anti Trust: Cracking The Code" documentary, Deleted scenes with optional director's commentary, alternate opening and ending sequence with optional director`s commentary, music video "When It All Goes Wrong Again" by Everclear, theatrical trailer 2005 DVD Collection - "Amityville Confidential" bonus disc (“Amityville: Horror or Hoax?

No, From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger 2006 UE DVDs - 9 films (You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies) are missing the "007 Mission Control" which included textless pre-title sequences and “Locations” featurettes narrated by Maude Adams & Samantha Bond.

2002 "Die Another Day" DVD - 7 "Inside 'Die Another Day'" featurettes, Multi-Angle Scene Evolutions, "Equipment Briefing" featurettes, Image Database, 3 Trailers & 1 TV Spot, & Madonna music video LD - Excerpts from "Exhausted: John C.

Holmes, the Real Story" (30 min.) *Note, this was also on Pre-release copies of the DVD DVD - Easter Eggs (Outtakes, Dirk Diggler Screen Tests, Faux Character Bios) 2000 DVD - 1995 "Braveheart: A Filmmaker's Passion" documentary () 2007 DVD - "Alba Gu Brath! P.: Surviving as a Cast Away", "The Island" Short, "Wilson: The Life and Death of a Hollywood Extra", 5 special effects vignettes with commentary by visual effects supervisors Ken Ralston and Carey Villegas, Tom Hanks interview from "The Charlie Rose Show", Photo and Art galleries, 2nd trailer, 10 TV spots 2000/2002 Criterion DVD - Commentary with Cast & Crew, Video Introduction from director Kevin Smith, Special Video Introductions from the cast and crew, & The Askewniverse guide to the characters in the "New Jersey Trilogy" 2001 DVD - "Introduction by Patrick Mac Nee" featurette 2007 DVD - Colorized Version, "Scrooge (1935)" movie (), "The Spirit of Christmas Past" featurette (), "Richard Gordon Remembers George Minter and Renown Pictures" audio interview (), "Charles Dickens: His Life and Times" featurette (), "Photo and Press Book Gallery" slideshow () 2006 4 Disc DVD - 150 Minute Extended Cut, Introduction by the director, "C. Lewis: Dreamer of Narnia" documentary (), "Visualizing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" Complete Production Experience (1), "Art of Narnia" galleries, Turkish Delight Easter Egg (), & Introduction to Visualizing The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe () 2006 DVD - Director's Cut version of the Film (174 min), Commentary with director Giuseppe Tornatore and Italian film expert Millicent Marcus, "Exploring A Timeless Classic" (15 min), "Little Italy Love Story: Cinema Paradiso Style" (5 min), "Cucina Paradiso, a Food Network Tribute: "Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello" (21 min), Director's Cut Trailer 2005 DVD - Cinderella Stores: Presented by ESPN Classic, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" music video, "Every Girl Can Be a Princess" music video, Ilene Woods on "Perry Como's show", Games & Activities, Galleries 2004 DVD - deleted scenes, "Obtaining Cover: Inside Code 46" featurette Commitments, The 2004 DVD - Two Original Songs by Andrew Strong & Robert Arkins (We May Be Down, But We're Not Out by Andrew Strong and Taking On The World by Robert Arkins), Theatrical Trailer, 6 TV Spots, 4 Radio Spots.

The Making of Braveheart" documentary (); Archival Interviews with the Cast of Braveheart, Photo Montage 2005 DVD - Commentary, Feature-Length Trivia Track, "A Bridge Too Far: Heroes from the Sky" Documentary, "A Distant Battle: Memories of Operation Market Garden" Featurette, "Richard Attenborough: A Filmmaker Remembers" Featurette, & Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery 2006 DVD - Commentary by Debbie Doebereiner, Dustin James Ashley and Misty Dawn Wilkins, Deleted Scene/Alternate Ending, "Bursting the Bubble" Featurette, "Finding the Cast" Audition Interviews, & Theatrical Trailer 2006 DVD - 1994 "The Making Of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid" documentary (), 1994 Cast & Crew Interviews, "History Through the Lens: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid: Outlaws of Time" documentary (90 min), Alternate Credit Roll (), Bonus Paul Newman trailers Criterion LD - Commentary 2001 DVD - "Acting Carrie" documentary (), "Visualizing Carrie" documentary (), "Carrie, The Musical" featurette (), Animated Photo Gallery (), & Stephen King And The Evolution Of Carrie (14 pages) 1998 DVD - Theatrical Trailer 2006 HD DVD/2005/2008 2 Disc DVDs - Casino: The Story, Casino: Cast and Characters, Casino: The Look, & Casino: After the Filming (HD DVD is missing the two Las Vegas Dcomenataries found on the BD) 2001 2 Disc DVD - "HBO First Look: The Making of Cast Away", "S. 2002 Criterion DVD - Commentary by film scholar Robert Stam; "Encounter with Fritz Lang" short by Peter Fleischmann (); "Cinepanorama" interview with director Jean-Luc Godard (); Interview with cinematographer Raoul Coutard (); "Bardot et Godard" featurette (); "Paparazzi" featurette (); "Widescreen vs.

Please post all additions/suggestions in this thread.Fullscreen demonstration" featurette () 2001 DVD - isolated score, gallery of production and concept stills, DVD-ROM features including the screenplay and an index to director's commentary.


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    She famously quipped, “What the f*ck does she mean? She’s a Black girl.”“I literally run away from people that use words like ethnic. To me there is no such thing as people of color cause in reality people aren’t white. People are pink, it’s a bit ridiculous when I have to explain to a human being, that is an adult like I am, that looks intelligent but for some reason I have to question his intelligence and explain to him as if he was a two year old, my composition in order for him to say, ‘Oh I guess I can chill with you, I can work with you.’I will not underestimate a human being and I will not allow another human being to underestimate me. Those people are not Africans; they don’t know a thing about Africa.

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    My name is Caroline am 32years old am beautiful inside out am a God fearing lady I love fun, I love straight forward person responsible person and God fearing person a caring and honest person......

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    Online dating has grown in popularity to the point where there is almost no social stigma attached to it.

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