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The trial, which has just finished its third week, revolves around an alleged £14 million property fraud in which Ms Al Amoudi — who is widely known as ‘the Vamp in the Veil’ — stands accused of posing as a Saudi princess.She assumed the false identity, according to her opponents, to conduct a ‘very accomplished’ con trick in which a middle-aged couple, one of whom is a friend of the Duke of Gloucester, were duped out of six high-end properties in London’s Knightsbridge.Following his acquittal, he claimed Al Amoudi’s devout appearance during the trial was a facade.Ms Ali claims that she lived with Al Amoudi for several years — during which time the infant was used to seek maintenance payments from a variety of men — before they fell out over an alleged unpaid debt of £500.‘I thought I was living through an Alfred Hitchcock film, in which reality seemed to be totally distorted,’ said Ms Clutterbuck — who counts the Duke of Gloucester among her social circle — recalling the moment she came to believe she had been conned.



Then there is the question of the source of Ms Al Amoudi’s apparent wealth.

They include a man known only as ‘Sammy’, who is the father of her child, and one Gerald Jerko Zovko, who is believed to have been married to Al Amoudi until he was killed in Iraq in early 2004 while working as a private security contractor.


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