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Last week the 3rd District Appellate Court held a lawsuit filed against the diocese was improperly dismissed on the grounds the statute of limitations expired in the 1990’s.The victim, now 37, did not remember the abuse, repressing the memory of what happened until 2011, filing suit in 2012.

Bishop Daniel Jenky has ousted several priests accused of abuse.ILLINOIS WAND By: Doug Wolfe Lincoln – A man abused by a priest at Holy Family Parish in Lincoln in the 1990’s will have his day in court.Monsignor Norman Goodman was a pedophile that abused children at the church over several years.You should watch them every weekday morning from 5 to 7 on News 8,” Matthew says, and takes the opportunity to plug his new show, Go On.

A lawyer for one victim says the Diocese of Peoria turned a “blind eye” to that ongoing abuse.

“It was sexual assault, battery, that sort of thing,” attorney Jonathan Nessler told I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe at his Springfield office.


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