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26 to discuss the final stages of establishing guidelines and protocol to evaluate low-level sex offenders.

Once the training for the counselors are in place, a spokesperson said, within months, evaluation specialists will begin seeing potential candidates.

Texas is in the final stages of implementing a new program that will allow some sex offenders to deregister from the lifetime list, after an, as of yet, unspecified amount of time and counseling.

He was serving the remainder of a 156-month sentence for four counts of child sexual assault and one count of possession of child pornography. Marshals Service Behavioral Analysis Unit classifies Stoeser as high risk and likely to re-offend.

Army, escaped from the Austin Transitional Center, a residential reentry center (halfway house) in Del Valle, Texas.

His escape represents a threat to public safety, said U. Following the discovery, Stoeser immediately fled the halfway house through an emergency exit and has remained on the lam since. He has committed numerous known crimes involving sexual assault against at least five known minors and his behavior is considered predatory.

Due to Stoeser's predatory criminal conduct, and the strong likelihood that he will re-offend, his continued freedom in our communities will pose the highest degree of danger to our children if he is not apprehended and held to account for his heinous and predatory crimes, said Robert R. Stoeser, 41, is a white male with brown hair and blue eyes. He has several tattoos including: Kayla intertwined with barbed wire on his left upper arm; Khaos and Stoeser on his chest; barbed wire designs on his right arm; and a naked female on his right calf.

"This is a more common sense approach, we have to balance public safety with a limited amount of funds to ensure the maximum amount of public safety," said Allison Taylor, executive director for the Council on Sex Offender Treatment.

She said about 100 new names a week are added to the sex offenders list and database, and the cost of monitoring and managing the system are becoming untenable.


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