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You could pluck a random child out of Middle School and he’d probably handle the situation better – for free.Nancy Armour captured what many people were thinking when she wrote: “Roger Goodell would have been better off staying in hiding.” Does the NFL really need teams of consultants to tell them what to do when a player like Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice knocks his wife unconscious in an elevator?


According to Peterson: Let me make something crystal clear: Adrian Peterson is a child abuser and a monumental failure as a man. But a real man isn’t defined by how many yards he can carry the ball – but how he treats those closest to him.There is another spectacular running back that was a success on the field, but a glaring failure as a man: His name is O. The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a directive in 2006 to call physical punishment “legalized violence against children,” and urging the practice be eliminated through legal and educational process.Does Goodell really need a PR firm to deal with Arizona Cardinal’s running back Jonathan Dwyer, who allegedly head-butted his wife after she refused a sexual advance in July.And then allegedly assaulted her again the next day, punching her in the head, throwing a shoe at their 1-year-old son, and trashing her cell phone as she tried to call 911?

If you need an expert to tell you how to hold players accountable for violent crimes – you don’t belong as commissioner of the NFL.Then, of course, there is the troubling case of Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson.


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