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Tab1e-11 Coefficient of come1ation Of recommended and non-recommended candidates (i.e; candidates called for inter-view test but nat selected) of Civil Services examination 1983 to 1987.

T5-56 Candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. or Separate 38-70 Katicnale of a Common Examination. 43-ab CHCIPTER-5 (5.01) (3.02) (5.03) (5.04) (5.05) (5.06) (5.07) (5.08) (5.09) (5.10) (3.11) -ii- Indian Foreign Service. Indian Audit and Accounts Service and other Accounts Services. Table-10 Number of doctors and engineers selected in the IN3 etc/Civil Services examination during 1977 to 1987.

Tab11-9 Recruitment by IAS etc/Civil Services examination (1930 to 19883.

Weightage of General Studies and Optiona1 Subjec t 6. Table-8 Candidates recommended for Group ‘E’ Services.

Table-16 Service-wise and category-wise number of selected candidates with age more than 26 year during the Civil Service examination 1984 to 1987 according to location of school etc. Whereas the higher Civil Services in the pre-Independence period had mostly the task of maintaining the status keep the fabric of the British Empire intact, after Independence, they have played an important role in accelerating socio-economic development of our country in the context of our constitutional objective of growth with social justice. In a period of rapid socio-economic change, they have facilitated the smooth functioning of tho administrative machinery under the overall guidance and direction of the political executive.

131-152 153-1 54 135-157 158 159 160-161 162-169 170-181 102 183-1.94 -V- Tablm-17 Tab1e-18 Tabls-20(1) to20(30) Tab1e-21 T+b 1e-22 Service-wise and category-wise 185-18i5 educational back.g round of fatherlguardian of selectees with age mare than 26 years in the Civil Services examination. Service-wise and Category-wise 187-18E monthly income of father/guardian of selectees with age more than 26 years in the Civil Services examination, 1984 to 1987. Centre-wise number of Candidates 259-262 appeared and recommended during 1984 to 1987 in the Civil Serv,. They have also played a useful role in providing an element of commonality in administration in our federal set-up in a parliamentary democracy. 1.0102 The above tasks and challenges for the higher Civil Services were taken due note of by the Kothari Committee (1974-76) which had mentioned that to successfully meet the challenges facing the nation, the members of the Service must have not only " relevant knowledge and skills " but also " socio-emotional and moral qualities for working for and with the community".

Should professionals such as doctors and engineers be allowed to compete for the Civil Services examination. 46-90 50-37 57-62 63-64 64-70 72-1: 72-76 76-70 79-40 80-83 83-92 92-93 94-101 101-114 114-117 117-121 122-126 CHAPTER-6 (6.01) (4.02) (6.03) (6.041 (6.05) Tab1s-1 Tabl Q-2 lab1e-3 Table4 lab1a-3 Table-6 General Recommendation. Comntonality between the merit list of IAS/IFS t Central Services and IAS/IFS & IPS in the IAS etc. 127-142 128-132 131-135 135-137 137-140 140-142 143-294 144 145-146 147 148 147 150 -iv- Tab10-7 Preference of successful general candidates for services based on the index of initial preference.

Introducticn of Lectures, Group Dixussions, Psychological and Aptitude Tests in the recruitment procedure. Allotment’ of Candidates to Services after the Foundation Course. Number of candidates of the scheduled castes and the schedl-(led tribe s Electea under general standards in the Civil Services examination during the period 1983 to 1997. .icibe comei:n; "s.’:rnr: +ill Put ~csndidate d5-E n~rrecsive from the Comrr..;s:r.. -Cs\klr at his appii :et:un one month bef6m-e tha cnmlnencment nf the exa? rrl i Le issurd tn kha cwdidetss who ars admittea-: t.z t!


Number of attempts to be permitted to eligible candidates. Dissemination of Information regarding the Civil Services examination. STATISTICAL TCIBLES Monthly income (in Rs) of father/guardian of selectees of Civil Services examination 1984 to 1987. examination/Civil Services examination: Success ratio of women candidates. who were recmmended for appointment on the basis of the results of the Civil Services examination during the period 1979 to 1987. to rainply with this pro’rie J-m .a111 depriva the cand FJate of any claim t5 co P%i.jer-: Iti In, C:;dmiceion certi-ficates, indicating the Roll Y{.m=s. Numbers of Candidates belonging to the scheduled castes and the scheduled tribes.


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