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I call these guys “The Code Breakers”; Peter Denley, Kerry Hardy, David Ross and John Murphy.I tried getting information from Ernie Root’s son and from former Root / Shakespeare employees.All said the records were destroyed when Shakespeare closed its archery division.The only fairly consistent trait is each model's serial number end with a letter for each model- "T" for Sierra, "H" for Yukon and "M" for Necedah X26.But even that is not consistent because there are anomalies (in red text) in each model's serial numbers.I had hoped to see a pattern or system emerging but the numbers are fairly ambiguous.As you can see, each model has a variety of digits and letters, some shorter while others are longer.Folks often contact us about their Shakespeare and Root bow serial numbers.



One employee commented that all he knew was that the numbers were written with very nice hand writing, on the bows and then the numbers were written into a log (with very nice hand writing).

I assume that that log is long gone and all hope of finding a solution was hopeless.


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