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) along the length of the tables as the foundation.Mix and match linen napkins were dotted in between place settings and the berry colour of the locally grown hellebores arranged by Claire and Patsy of the Informal Florist brought exactly the richness that I was hoping for.“Those baked clay bricks of a handsome Georgian city, that smouldering peat in the back of the hearth, the steaming spuds on the Sunday table, that memory of a friend.It’s worth digging for those things beneath the surface.” The Kinfolk philosophy of slowing down and taking time to appreciate the simple things in life has always resonated with me, not to mind the fact that I’m more than a little bit obsessed with their aesthetic style and magazine.The Work and Welders is actually used as a warehouse most of the time but had so much potential that we knew it would be worth the effort to transform it into an event space.


It will be memorable for me for so many reasons but not least because I had my own secret hidden beneath the surface that evening, I’m expecting my first baby later this year which will certainly be the start of a whole new adventure!Inspired by the taste, texture and palette of earthy root vegetables, I wanted to make sure that the styling of the event reflected all of the characteristics of these hidden treasures.When I first started dating my husband this was my go to because he would gobble it up and believe that I was a fantastic cook.Luckily, for him, I’ve gotten much better at cooking and I’ve expanded my recipe repertoire but this is still a favorite go to.


I sourced a black dividing curtain to give structure to the huge open room and once the long trestle tables were put in place and cafe lights strung across the ceiling, the magic started to happen.

Joi and Damien allowed me to make full use of their gorgeous collection of linens, placing an earthy neutral linen piece (yes that’s one piece of linen!


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    Is it creating a new reality in which people actively avoid real-life interactions?

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