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A senior math major must demonstrate the ability to do and effectively communicate mathematics.The grade for the senior project is largely a reflection of how well this has been demonstrated and to what degree the above guidelines have been met.



Primary responsibility for approving the senior project topic rests with the project advisor.If there is a question or concern about the appropriateness of the topic selected, the student and project advisor should consult with other members of the department.For any of these kinds of projects, drawing connections between mathematics and other disciplines, such as mathematics education, physics, chemistry, computer science, economics, etc., is allowed and welcomed.Regardless of the kind of senior project undertaken, it must demonstrate that the student has confronted, interacted with, or done some substantial mathematics.


The mathematics may consist of proving original theorems, solving research problems, verifying nontrivial details in published proofs, devising original examples to illustrate concepts, or similar activities.The senior project may not consist only of reproducing class notes from a course taken by the student, copying mathematics in an essentially verbatim fashion from sources, merely describing mathematical procedures without explaining their derivation, or some combination of these.


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