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30, Eaton Twp., Eaton Co., MI, 1836-1976; surnames: Whitcomb/ Kinne/ Rice/ Hogle/ Green/ Howard/ Clark/ Sears/ Ely/ Warren/ Bohn/ Thurston/ Knoche/ Smith/ Fiske/ -Kay/ Foote/ Bennett/ Young/ Loomis/ Snyder/ etc.210? Sheldon St., Charlotte, Lot 15, 18-21, Block 13, Ward 2, Sec.13, Carmel Twp., Eaton Co., MI, 1832-1982; surnames: Barnes/ Bostwick/ Gale/ Harris/ Kent/ Williams/ Martin/ Chilcote/ Conley/ Merrill/ Dwinell/ Shaffer/ Pixley/ Rawson/ -Howard/ Spicer/ Phillips/ etc.234 Vanlieu, Charlotte, Sec. Oliver St., Charlotte, Lot 10, Lawrence's Addition, Ward 4, Sec.18, Eaton Twp., Eaton Co., MI, 1835-1976; surnames: Torrey/ Barnes/ Lawrence/ Maxson/ Munsell/ Warren/ Smith/ Jackson/ Kent/ Stone/ Dann/ Chappell/ Holt/ Yates/ Tuckey/ Holcomb/ etc.115 E. 18, Eaton Twp., Eaton Co., MI 1834-1979, lot 9; surnames: Torrey/ Barnes/ -Lawrence/ Munsell/ Maxson/ Springer/ Kellogg/ Cortright/ Titus/ Race/ Pollock/ Conley/ Shaw/ Bishop/ Merrill/ Hudson/ -Chamberlin/ Meech/ Grier/ Griest/ Warren/ etc.1510 Fairview, Charlotte, Sec.5, Eaton Twp., Eaton Co., MI 1880-1968; surnames: Stebbins/ Stewart/ Roberts/ Fox/ -Ames/ Jones/ Jacobson/ Walterdorf/ Early/ Hefflebower/ Cousins/ Arnold/ Abfalter/ Fitch/ Welles/ Van Alstine/ Spinning/ -Schneider/ Johnston/ Johnson/ etc.168 E.


13, Carmel Twp., Eaton Co., MI 1835-1980, lot 16 of Pleasant Hill Addition; surnames: Anthony/ Betz/ Brandt/ Carlisle/ Chapin/ England/ Finch/ Hatch/ Hawley/ Hetrick/ Johnson/ Kellogg/ Krebs/ Lacey/ Lang/ Liew/ -Mc Dugall/ Munson/ Page/ etc.341 N. 13, Carmel Twp., Eaton Co., MI 1833-1981, Block 3, Lot 2, surnames: Ball/ -Bishop/ Blacke r/ Bromeling/ Collins/ Darrow/ Dutton/ Frost/ Fuller/ Garton/ Gould/ Hamilton/ Hammond/ Humphrey/ Jewett/ -Langham/ Leonard/ Marvin/ …350 N.

Cochran, Charlotte, Eaton Twp., Eaton Co., MI (old depot ) 1835-1980, Sec.


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