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For a good exposé about infection control, see the recent film Contagion with Mery Streep.

A study published in the December 2015 issue of the American Journal of Infection Control was featured at APIC 2016 as one of the ten most important studies for infection preventionists.

For surface cleaning, dust Glo Germ™ Powder onto surfaces and generally throughout the entire area. The discovery of the remaining germs will cast a new light on your cleaning effectiveness.

Protect yourself, your customers, and your bottom line!


Illuminate the weaknesses in your techniques with Glo Germ™ and protect your self, your customers, and your bottom line!The liquid or gel and the powder contain the plastic simulated germs, and the lamp illuminates them to test the effectiveness of your (and your workers’) practices.For handwashing training, Glo Germ™ Liquid is rubbed onto one’s hands like lotion. However, the ultra-violet light tells a different story.It shows us how many things we touch and how important it is to wash our hands.

Read more here Anchor Lisa Budeau put Glo Germ powder on her hands, went about her day, and then used a black light to show exactly everything she touched.

Doctors say the Glo Germ kit is a great eye opener for people.


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