Sedating dog acepromazine

Since he's so young, it's not likely to be a growth or fungus. So it'd just be the cost of IV, catheter, anesthesia, and the procedure... I have an appointment with another specialist on Monday that I was going to cancel, but now I'm thinking I may got a second opinion/second quote, instead of spending money on 4 allergy meds when I don't think it's allergies.... Hi there, did your vet or the specialist shoot an xray of your pups head, sinus and teeth? We see so many foxtails (stickers) up the nostrils this time of year which we can only get by sedating them and going up with the scope, my own dog, Gunner, snorted a huge foxtail up his nose which we had to go and get. I am a huge supporter of being proactive in trying to dianose things, whatever it takes I will do, but than I am a vet tech and have the vets I work with right there.

Since he started sneezing suddenly (and sneezing a lot), it leads the vet to believe it's not allergies. My dog, Murphy (RIP sweetheart) passed away from sinus cancer, he started with sneezing, no other symptoms... He did love to dig after mice, moles anything in the ground so my thoughts are that he could've been exposed to something in the ground that caused the cancer. I am sorry, I am sharing this to scare you, I know it sounds frightening, but just to say that it may be the best to pursue the scope of the nostrils and/or a second opinion just to rule out any possible problems. I am sure it is just something as simple as allergies or a sinus infection, please let us know what you find and I do hope your pup feels better soon.

We gave our 30 day notice right before he started sneezing, so in addition to trying to help my dog, I am attempting to find a new home and have enough to pay to move to a new home.

I do have an academic trust fund, so I do get some money for stuff like moving...

(Long story short: Right nostril looked irritated when reg.

vet sedated him and looked with an otoscope, discharge is clear, he is drinking and urinating normally, he has be a bit slow with eating and has been having some diarrhea, and began sneezing violently all of a sudden about a week ago and is still sneezing. vet believes he has a foreign body in his nose that's higher up than he can see.) The vet was nice and laid out all the options and possible causes.


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