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The factors we’ve taken into consideration include customer reviews, protection features, service guarantees, and pricing. Here are the top identity theft monitoring companies for 2016.If you’re looking for the protection against ID Theft, Identity Guard™ should be at the top of your list in our opinion.Their lost wallet assistance service also helps you cancel and replace any credit or debit cards that may have been stolen.Identity Force also has an add-on for child identity theft protection to help keep your entire family safe.This service includes monthly credit monitoring at all 3 credit bureaus, ,000 in lost wallet protection, and a complete suite of PC online security protection software to help keep your identity safe and secure.Identity Guard also includes a Million identity theft insurance policy as well as identity recovery assistance in the event that your identity has been stolen.



Trusted ID is a company that offers 3-bureau credit monitoring, real-time fraud alerts, and over Million in identity theft insurance.Trusted ID offers both an individual plan and a family plan.


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