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“He seems a little desperate,” or “that guy is creepy.” Believe me when I tell you, 99% of the woman I’ve talked to over the past ten years have this reaction. If you had a complete stranger fawning over how amazing you are in several different ways, even though you’ve never even met, would you be a little weirded out?Get to know a woman first and save the compliments for once you are already involved.And NEVER compliment a woman’s physical appearance online.This is an absolute death sentence to your dating life.In this article I am going to provide inside access to some of the most important knowledge I have acquired working with women over the years, with this list of 10 online dating tips every woman wishes you knew. Now you have planted the seed that you are someone special and have a unique connection when you reference these things in your opening email.Pay attention men, because I am literally giving away nearly a decades worth of my most valuable insight. In this day and age where everybody seems the same on paper, the more you focus on a unique commonality, the more a woman will feel as if you have an instant connection. Use the keyword search and performed advanced searches to save time.


Well here’s the good news for all you guys out there.

Attracting an amazing woman online isn’t even remotely as difficult as you might think once you understand online dating from the female point of view. But you both have a passion for David Lynch films and also have family in Sicily?

And well, let’s just say I’ve dated more than my fair share of women online before meeting my significant other.

But if there is one thing all this experience has provided me with, it is a ridiculously extensive understanding and knowledge of online dating from the female perspective.


A great profile should be your number one priority before anything else you do online.Do you know what the first thing a woman says to me when she receives a message loaded with compliments?


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