Scammers dating letters

Several other photos of him that I found lead me to conclude that his webcam may have been compromised.

In addition, his head is often Photo Shopped (badly) onto other images. Now, the first question I asked was, why did the scammer target a Polish woman? This is not clear from her Facebook site, which is primarily in Polish.

As such, they manage to bypass the logic filter, just as a salmon won’t listen to logic when he is about to head upriver to spawn and die.

That’s what makes these email scams so powerful and, potentially, dangerous to companies and organizations. Thanks for your quick response, I’m Derrick James Hayes,a USA Army Officer am a faithful person have one son called Mike i lost my parents at the age of 12 in a plane i don’t have any family expect my son am the Warrant Offices in the army .i have been in the army for the past 27 years and will be coming home by the end of next month as am ready to retired when i come home, At the moment i don’t have any plans for the future yet when i retire but looking forward to have a woman with a caring heart to spend the rest of my life together with.

I did not ask her, but she may have posted some personal information elsewhere in English, such as on a dating site.

After looking into this further, I found that targeting nonnative English speakers is becoming more common.

It could be because it has become well known among these scammers that they are often exposed by their use of English.

Targeting a nonnative speaker may make their errors less obvious. It is not the first name she uses on her Facebook account but it does form the main part of her email address.

She wanted my advice about an email that she had received from some guy she didn’t know. I have written about these scams in the past (Phishing with Naked Women and Romantic Lures), and have categorized them as something I call salmon phishing.It certainly triggered no warnings in the woman who got this email. It’s possible she uses this as a nickname on some other site. Here’s where a native speaker would definitely see the red flags go up. Notice the lack of the pronoun, ‘I’ before am, a very common tipoff that this is from a Ghanaian scammer. Oddly, he has a son called Mike, which is the same name as the woman’s son. In any event, this establishes some commonality, a bond: see how much alike we are?


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