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The 2016 World Broomball Championships are set to take place in Regina next week with teams competing in men’s, women’s, mixed and masters divisions.The rise in popularity and participation in broomball in our community seems to have mirrored the national growth of the sport.Some historians suggest that it was more than likely invented in Canada given its similarity to the game of hockey and the fact that there are newspaper accounts of it being played in Saskatchewan dating back to the early 1900s.By the 1950s and ’60s it started to become more and more formalized which eventually resulted in the creation of the Canadian Broomball Federation in 1976, now known as Broomball Canada, which this year is marking its 40th anniversary.To get a sense of the importance of the sport in our community, when the local broomball association hosted their annual banquet in the spring of 1957 the festivities were presided over by Art Widnall and included such honoured guests as Mayor Badanai and Mayor Wishart.


The first-ever World Broomball Championships were held in Victoria, BCin 1991.After a five-year absence they resumed again, and have been held every two years since.


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