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“She’s great,” he told director Barry Levinson, “I’m gonna marry her.” Relationship History: The pair were married in 1992 after a hush-hush romance, and have remained so ever since, giving birth to four kids along the way. Relationship History: The pair got together after filming the Nicholas Sparks adaptation before separating amicably in 2007.Onscreen Chemistry: There’s definite heat between Bening and Beatty in the aforementioned crime drama, with the pair trading snappy zingers as the sexual tension crackles. However, according to Gosling, their relationship was far juicier than anything we saw onscreen.


As two of Hollywood’s sexiest stars, Reynolds and Johansson disappointed men and women everywhere by announcing they were dating each other back in 2007. Relationship History: After marrying in 2008, the couple announced their divorce just two years later, claiming that, “we entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it.” Both are currently back on the market…

Onscreen Chemistry: At present, the pair are yet to co-star, although should that change, expect a crowd of rubberneckers to swell the box-office take!


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    (Unless you count working towards your MRS degree a job.) Follow Anna on Twitter.

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    "I also like the challenge of focusing on a role," she said.

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