Sarah darling dating dating a hmong girl


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She first entered the public eye in 2003 when she was a top-three finalist on the reality TV show The Entertainer, hosted by Wayne Newton.

This dessert table is the perfect marriage of country style and girly bohemian.

Country singer and songwriter Sarah Darling was born October 4, 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Sarah Darling and her husband James Murial met through James’ father who later passed.

After the funeral service, a date at a British pub and email correspondence, Murial and Darling couldn’t ignore the chemistry between them.


So, the pair spontaneously wed in Key West, Fla., but planned a large wedding with family and friends the next year.Since Sarah specializes in baking macarons for her French bakery Sweet Darling, she decided to save money (and exercise her baking skills) by making her own treats as wedding favors. While Sarah looked to her Southern roots for wedding inspiration, she also wanted to incorporate the bohemian, "Anthropologie" style.


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