Sara foster dating coach

A recent Saturday workshop armed Peer Mentors with the tools and resources that will empower them to guide the incoming class throughout their first year.

The Peer Mentor Program develops in students the confidence to lead their peers and organically facilitates authentic connections even before the academic year begins.

Having just finished their first year, the Class of 2018 Peer Mentors are in a prime position to provide advice to their peers who are about to embark on the same challenge.

A strong sense of community drives the now second-year students to give back just as they benefited from the guidance and support of their peer mentors.

Sarah does a great job of being an accessible academic.

Fall Quarter is around the corner, but the incoming Class of 2019 is not the only one attending orientation events and prepping for the academic year.

Upperclassmen gain leadership experience, new students receive the guidance and coaching they need to be successful as they transition back into the academic world, and the Foster Evening MBA network continues to expand and prosper.

Fusing her prestigious academic background with her unique ability to translate complex concepts into words we can all understand, she offers real-world science that we can use to better our lives.


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