Samsung galaxy s3 weather widget not updating

It was in June 2012 that I wrote an article on the best ROMs for the Galaxy S3.It has been a long time since then and though I updated that post every now and then with the newest ROMs, I began to feel that it was better to make a new post rather than updating the old one.The Galaxy S3 is an immensely popular Android phone and it is by far the most-selling phone from Samsung and therefore it has been a darling among Android developers.The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes packed with new technology and lots of features that are designed to make our lives easier and simpler.Geek Squad are here to help you get set up and making the most of your Galaxy S3.You will now have a backup of your contacts stored on your memory card, and your phone will be synchronising your contacts to your Google email address!To check that your contacts have finished uploading, visit You can also check for the latest update by connecting your phone to a computer and loading up Samsung Kies (Free Download). Well that’s just about everything, if you need any help setting up your devices, Geek Squad are available 24/7 to assist via our UK freephone number.




Please note, if you're looking for the official Samsung S3 User Guide, click here!There are also several apps that provide additional security for your mobile phone - check out our Android app security guide.


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