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Birnbeck Pier W-S-M Frampton Sailing - Lake Frampton Dinghy Park Tewkesbury Sailing Club Tewkesbury Sailing - road Gloucester Airport Birdland - Gloucester Penguins in Gloucester Filton Sports Centre Tewkesbury Cruising and Sailing Club is situated on the River Avon in Gloucester.This area is quite often flooded and the webcams here are a good way to keep an eye on the river level so action can be taken early to protect the vessels there.Seating is limited and we expect all three seminars to sell out. With 22 our of 50 spots already filled, and our Bluewater Cruising-Mahina Expeditions seminar still FOUR MONTHS away, it looks like Vancouver will be our second seminar of the season (Annapolis seminar in Oct. It should be an exciting seminar with co-presenters Norm & Beth Cooper, Pete Mc Gonagle, an excellent waterfront location (Granville Island Hotel) and an always fun dinner following the seminar. Not only were the seminars sold out, we also were able to meet with three consultation couples, go aboard to check out a Saga 43 one couple has an accepted offer AND!!!21: Offshore Cruising Seminar - John & Amanda and Nigel Calder Sunday, Jan.22: Marine Diesel Engines: Maintenance & Troubleshooting - Nigel Calder Click HERE to register for any of these seminars.

Live webcams can be put to a great many uses and in addition to our cameras we also provide a We hope you have enjoyed viewing this live Camsecure webcam from Tewkesbury Sailing Club in Gloucester UK.We have many other interesting live cameras to watch too so take some time and have a good browse through our website.


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