Safe cyber dating

Apart from protecting your physical wellbeing, you need to think about your sexual wellbeing too.Make sure you and your partner get tested for HIV and STIs so you can enjoy a worry-free sex life, and always use protection.This study is the first to adopt a lifestyle-routine activities theory perspective toward online romantic partner monitoring, by looking at whether secondary school students’ risky digital lifestyle and their digital media use are linked to a higher chance of being controlled by a romantic partner, taking into account gender, age, and the length of the romantic relationship.The data of 466 secondary school students (71.0% girls, = 0.92) who were in a romantic relationship are analyzed.You can get tested at any Marie Stopes centre in South Africa, where you’ll also get great, confidential advice on contraception for you and your partner.Linear regression analysis suggests that engagement in online risk behavior, the length of the romantic relationship, engagement in sexting with the romantic partner, and the amount of social networking site use were significantly linked to victimization of digital controlling behavior.The results are important to practitioners, as they indicate that messages about safe Internet use should be incorporated in prevention and educational campaigns with regard to cyber dating abuse. Controlling one’s romantic partner through digital media is a form of cyber dating abuse.



It might sound a little weird, but your profile is basically your ‘pitch’, and if you want to grab people’s interest, you’ll need to make it intriguing.

This doesn’t mean lying or making things up, but rather focusing on your most positive and attractive traits.


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