Rutina wesley dating

She and her husband, fictitious NBA star Davis West (Timon Kyle Durrett), are the parents of one son, Micah (Nicholas L. They have what most would consider a storybook relationship.

Charley had just been given the opportunity to star in a reality series similar to but when scandal rocks their perfect marriage, their lives come crashing down.

Davis finds himself at the center of controversy due to a rape scandal he initially denied being involved with.

However, hotel surveillance footage proved otherwise. When the disturbing footage was released to the public, Charley and Davis’ fairy-tale marriage became a nightmare.

The episode begins with their sister, Nova, a newspaper journalist, entangled in a secret love affair with a New Orleans police officer.

Davis, who was caught on camera carrying a drugged woman into a hotel room with several other star teammates, is now facing the possibility of rape charges.


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