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The Nikon images are compared with stills captured from the colour video camera I currently use (and a popular image capture route).

The author's requirements as a hobbyist for image capture are modest, so this article just compares the ease of the two routes for creating Web images with some remarks on subjective image quality.

(The 65W tungsten enlarger lamp does run a tad hot but is never left unattended).

The CP700 lens mount diameter is very close to that of a standard microscope eyepiece and helps to roughly align the optical axis of the camera to the microscope and to level the camera. 5mm behind the front surface of the lens mount (approx.

The Coolpix 950 (with 3x optical zoom) is becoming popular for microscopy but I hadn't seen any reports on the use of the fixed focal length Coolpix 700 in this role.

So in case of interest I share some quick trials below.

A roundel of tape in between avoided scratching either of the mounts. where the silver line on the mount is shown above) and may be partly why vignetting was hard to cure (see below).


By continuing to use our site, you're agreeing to us placing cookies outlined in our privacy policy on your device.I recently had an opportunity to borrow a Nikon Coolpix 700 digital camera.


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