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Krasovsky said it will be a long time before gays in Russia feel protected enough to speak publicly about their sexual orientation.“To stop being afraid, they need to begin to trust the state where they live, but they don’t trust the state where they live now,” he said. Petersburg economist, however, did go to the police.Gay activists believe the real number is much higher and say the attacks have increased in the past two years.Since homosexuality finds little acceptance in Russian society, many gays keep their sexual orientation hidden from their families, friends and co-workers.He spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity out of fear that his attackers, who know where he lives, would seek retribution if they learned that he had reported them.


PETERSBURG, Russia — Criminal gangs in Russia, operating through gay dating sites, have found a lucrative new blackmail target: gay men. Petersburg economist, one of their latest victims, said several men burst into the apartment where he was meeting his date.

Claiming that his date was under age, they threatened to call the police and to release a video they had secretly filmed unless he paid up.

The gay rights group Vykhod, or Coming Out, said it registered 12 such attacks in St.

Petersburg in 2015 and at least six more gay men have come forward this year.

Alexander Zhelezkin, who manages outreach programs at Positive Dialogue, said the law was what made him decide to become a gay activist. For prominent television journalist Anton Krasovsky, however, that move ended his career in Russia.

He was fired after he came out on the air in 2013 and hasn’t been able to find a job in television since.


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