Rules of dating for girls

Tell her you love how she looks in her favorite jeans, and you’ll make her swoon.If you’re stalking us on Facebook, you’ll notice we’re still talking to at least half the kids who slept on the nap mats near us back in nursery school.But we really don’t want to bang any of them, we promise.When you graduate with a class of 30 kids who all attended the same school from kindergarten to the 12th grade, you’re more like brother and sister than potential love matches. We grew up in small towns that nobody’s ever heard of, and we’re damn proud of it too.We’re looking for a guy who’s not afraid to get a little mud on his boots and won’t scream like a baby when we admit that isn’t actually mud (#farmgirljoke #sorrynotsorry).chili, you’re going to find yourself watching Sunday Ticket all by yourself. But we’re the girls who sob when fall comes, and we have to actually put our shoes back on.

If you get your car detailed regularly, know what the crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner is for, or have ever used the phrase, “I love laundry day,” just don’t even bother.But is she more of a pro girl these days or college football all the way? We learned to drive one of them pretty much as soon as we could reach the pedals, so we’re pretty used to being in control.If you’re not asking her opinion on anything more than nachos vs. If you’re stuck in a ditch, not sure how to parallel park, or wondering how to back out of that long drive way, move over. We can dress up when we want to and look damn good too.The kind of guy who gets all butthurt when someone puts wet shoes on the floor of his ride is not going to be down with a girl who grew up catching frogs and digging fishing worms.

If you just landed a date with a chick from the sticks, here’s what you need to know to hang onto her heart.

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