Rowupdating get textbox value

Anyhow, when I do that, the textbox doesn't show up.

If I add autogenerateeditbutton="true" to the definition of the gridview, I still don't see it.


I've got a textbox inside a Grid View and I'm able to find that control and even cast. I'm wondering if it is posting back and losing it's value or something. To String()) ' ID is your grid Data Key Names Dim gvr As Grid View Row = Grid View1. Row Index) Dim Text Box1 As Text Box = Direct Cast(gvr.

I'm betting I'm missing something simple but this problem is really important and I need fast resolution as it has already cost me a good deal of time. Find Control("Text Box1"), Text Box) ' Now you have the new value in Text Box1 Please, let me know if that helped...


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