Romance and violence in dating relationships

One major difference between happy couples that have been together for a long time and those that break up after a few months is that successful couples have learned how to "fight fair." Hoping To Adopt?Positive changes were found across studies in violence-related attitudes and knowledge, also, positive gains were noted in self-reported perpetration of dating violence, with less consistent evidence in self-reported victimization.However, these findings should be considered preliminary due to limited follow-up and generalizability.A consideration of the scope of the problem, developmental processes, and theoretical formulations precede a review of six relationship violence prevention programs designed for and delivered to youth.



Prevention is targeted toward both universal (e.g., all high school students) and selected adolescent populations (e.g., youths with histories of maltreatment, or problems with peer aggression).

Programs addressed specific skills and knowledge that oppose the use of violent and abusive behavior toward intimate partners; one program addressed interpersonal violence more generally, and was also included in this review because of its implications for dating violence initiatives.


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