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The records documented sex abusers barred from scouting and sit in its national headquarters, a square, two-storey grey building in Ottawa’s west end. Scouts Canada won't say how many of the documents exist.

A lawyer specializing in child sex abuse is calling for the country's premier youth group to go back and scan its files for any information that may not have been shared with police.

A confidential 1972 policy memo by the Boy Scouts of America has also come to light, showing officials urged discretion when dealing with molesters.

"Indicate [to the accused molester] that the BSA is not sharing this information with anyone and only wish him to stop all Scouting activity," it states.

South of the border, thousands of the Boy Scouts of America’s so-called "perversion files" have been released to lawyers suing the organization.

In an effort to keep them out of troops, the files document staff or volunteers suspected or convicted of molesting boys.

But according to American lawyers who have seen the files the organization often kept allegations from police.


A separate request before the Oregon Supreme Court is seeking to make the files public.By Kosnoff's calculations, for the files dated between 19, about 2,500 individuals were placed on the perversion list over allegations of sex abuse, an average of one file created every two days.


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