Rihanna talks about her dating life on ellen meet single dating site in iran


READ Rihanna Unearthed This 18 Year Old Riddim For Her Latest Single “Work” “I’m single right now and it’s not that I’m like ‘Oh, pro single.

The conversation began when Ellen played a previous interview with Rihanna from back in 2011, when the singer herself had referred to her own private bits as 'She' - telling Ellen her dating life was terrible and pointing to her lap.

And though he's not currently scheduled to appear on tour with her as Ellen had hoped, Rihanna admitted she would "love to go on tour with Drake.

Dressed in a pretty pink sundress, Rihanna also revealed what her perfect date would be – and admirers of the singer will be pleased to know she isn’t keen for love interests to break the bank to please her.

Also on the show Rihanna talked about the recent tattoo she got under her breasts in honour of her late grandmother and how she has to 'get into character' to strip naked for photo shoots in magazines.

Clooney and Ellen both responded with an “I Have Never” while Rih Rih unabashedly responded with “I Have.” Things then got a little interesting when Rihanna responded “I Have Never” to hooking up in the back of a car or with someone over 50, but hesitantly responded with “I Have” when asked if she sent a dirty text to the wrong person. Ellen then flawlessly transitioned into Rihanna’s dating life in which Rih said despite what many people may think, she’s a single gal. I just think that I have so much on my plate that I cannot find the time to entertain a steady relationship or anything serious or even a text.

If You’re Willing To Give It A Try While sitting alongside George Clooney, the daytime talk show host started off easy asking both guests if they’ve ever texted a nude selfie.


Chris, 23, who recently claimed he and Rihanna are ‘working on’ their friendship, was arrested and charged over the assault three years ago - and sentenced to six months of community service and five years of probation.on Thursday to chat about her upcoming Anti World Tour, defend her love of Hot Cheetos, and play a cunning game of Never Have I Ever with George Clooney. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart That last segment got particularly interesting when Ellen asked her guests if they had ever texted a nude selfie.



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