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If you qualify for a health plan, but do not have coverage through an employer, you, your spouse, and the new child after birth or adoption can apply for coverage in this way.

Special enrollment does not follow the open enrollment schedule for a health insurance company or state guidelines, but it applies only in the context of an event, such as birth or adoption, occurring in the life of the policy holder(s).

Pre-authorization is not required in order for the hospital stay to be covered, though the mother may be asked to notify their insurer of the pregnancy and childbirth plans and dates.

If there is any reason the mother and child feel comfortable being discharged earlier than 48 or 96 hours after delivery, the provider will discuss this with the patient after they decide it is safe, and if agreed upon, an early leave is permitted.

State laws for childbirth vary, and your state may have similar hospital stay protections or your health plan may offer coverage through an insurance policy or HMO.Coverage should be effective starting the date of the child’s birth, the date of adoption, or date of placement for adoption.



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