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Though Reedus’ rep previously denied reports that the two were an item after they were allegedly seen “wildly making out” at a New York City bar last year, Kruger was spending quite a lot of time with Reedus before announcing her split with Jackson.Early this month, the actress was seen partying with actor at a Fourth of July bash in Tuscany.Who knew Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun would join the ranks of the Saviors?The duo, who star as Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee in “The Walking Dead,” were cruising on motorcycles on Thursday when they stumbled on a car crash near the show’s Peachtree, Georgia, set.Though official photos of Kruger at the star-studded event were suspiciously wiped from the internet, other pictures of her and Reedus — including this one of the back of their heads — remained. Jackson and Kruger confirmed that they have indeed broken up on Monday (July 18, 2016) after a decade together.

The season 8 finale of “The Walking Dead” ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers to guess which cast member died.Blood splatters on the camera, the scene cuts to black, and then fans hear Dwight casually say, “You’ll be alright.” Reedus couldn’t give many details away, of course, but he insists that his character did, in fact, get shot. The jaw-dropping ending is just one of the many reasons that fans are concerned that Norman is leaving. “I had a lot of fun filming and exploring, and I hope it shows.” “East” episode.For those avoiding spoilers, there may be some, so read at your own risk. So, if Daryl got shot, does that mean Norman Reedus is leaving the show for good? The show will follow the actor as he rides on his motorcycle with a new buddy each week and learns about the motorcycle culture and puts an end to those stereotypes.Norman Reedus speaks about the scene where it looks like Dwight points his gun and shoots directly at Daryl Dixon. “East” episode has made many convinced that he’s the next to go. “I’m incredibly excited and thankful to AMC for giving me the opportunity to share a passion of mine with our fans, and hopefully to a whole new audience,” Reedus said at the time of his announcement.

Though the announcement felt like a dagger through the heart for us all, Jackson and Kruger’s split was probably inevitable.Just weeks before news of the separation broke, Jackson, 38, was photographed grabbing coffee with co-star Norman Reedus were heating up.


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