Reactivate christian dating for account

I included the cause for my need, (the young lady's slanderous actions) as well as qualifying my need for such; given the ministry, my role, and fact that I was a published author with two works on the global market.Thus the need for transparency and proof of character in light of the assertions made. If you wish to pursue this, then we will provide the information to Law enforcement upon receipt of a legal subpoena." AM 10/16/16.Next, I tried returning to Mingle2 site to bring up our actual conversation thread so I could copy/paste the true interaction in response to the outlandish behavior, assertions, and general misrepresentation of my actions/words posted by the young lady on ministry affiliated sites, publicly.Yet, I found that when I was blocked from communicating with her, it also blocked my access to the already posted conversation thread.I had no access to retrieve what I'd actually said. Next, I drafted an email for the administration, (hereafter referred to as ADMIN) of the Mingle2 site; to request either access to the thread, (even if the communication block remained) or to be sent/emailed a copy of the thread, or communication/conversational transcript.I included some statutes relative to a person's rights of ownership of their personal communications in order to establish a foundational basis for the request and their facilitation of it.


At PM they sent me an email to Activate my new account, in lieu of the one they deleted; which had much of the evidence against them.

At PM (same day) their support staff deliberately blocked my attempts to contact; and at PM (same day) claimed they had neither deleted the original account or blocked the email.


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