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has quickly become one of the most popular open-source solutions to these issues and in this book we will take you through an in-depth walkthrough of it.

Most likely, you would end up with a nightmarish tangle of UI callbacks entwined with business logic, destined to be discarded by the poor soul who inherits your code.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of Java Script libraries that can help improve the structure and maintainability of your code, making it easier to build ambitious interfaces without a great deal of effort.

However, this pattern with j Query revealed that we have implicit model data on the client side.

With the server no longer being the only place that knows about our item count, it was a hint that there was a natural tension and pull of this evolution.



Not so long ago, “data-rich web application” was an oxymoron.Today, these applications are everywhere and you need to know how to build them.



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    I think that's the main focus of the week, everybody was bringing it up to me they said, "Oh they think that you're the second vote." Which in fact, I was not.

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    In the late 1980s, the studios were used for The James Whale Radio Show, which was a late night TV show, broadcast on ITV, Radio Aire and Red Rose Radio.

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