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Any questionnaire format has to take into account the demographics of the people as it is vital to the survey templates.

A customer satisfaction questionnaire may have more qualitative/subjective parameters for gauging.

Questions should be framed in a simple language and care should be taken to avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Any questionnaire, be it a health questionnaire or a product questionnaire, must have a specific objective.

Generally questionnaires have subjective/objective and qualitative/quantitative options depending on their type.

For instance, if an employee questionnaire has such errors it can reflect poorly on the company.

Questions should have clarity and must convey the same meaning to all kinds of readers, so it is best to use direct questions rather than ambiguous ones.

It is important to remember that for any questionnaire to be really effective it has to be designed well.A sample questionnaire can help you formulate a good questionnaire.As the aim of the questionnaires is generally to gauge and then work towards improvement, stick to positive ways of eliciting responses.A service feedback questionnaire should well more on this point.

The standard questionnaire design is a set of questions with fixed alternatives.These alternatives could be dichotomous (having only two options e.g. All the readers need to do is tick the most appropriate answer according to them.


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