Ptr updating setup files

Currently there are several approaches for this solution but basically they could be divided into two categories wired e.g.Wiznet W5100, W5300, Microchip ENC28J60 and wireless such as the Microchip ZG2100MC Wi-Fi module (recently is acquired by Microchip from the Zero-G Wireless on Jan 11, 2010).Programming the Wiznet W5100 chip is also easier as we just need to write and read to and from the W5100 internal registers in order to use the build-in TCP/IP protocol features.The Wiznet W5100 chip come with three method of controlling its internal registers; this first two is to use the parallel direct or indirect bus, the last one is to use a well known embedded serial data transfer known as the SPI (serial peripheral interface), on this tutorial we are going to use the SPI to control the Wiznet W5100 chip.



This chip is used in many commercial applications such as the Arduino framework on their standard Arduino Ethernet shield as shown on this following picture.

Ok, now lets list down the necessary electronics components and supported software for this tutorial and make sure you have the AVR ATMega328 microcontroller datasheet near you: The Wiznet W5100 Hardwired TCP/IP Protocol Chip Basically the Wiznet W5100 implements a full-featured of standard IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet physical and data link layer) and powerful TCP/IP stack inside the chip; this make the Wiznet W5100 chip is suitable choice for integrating the embedded system into the internet.


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