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Significant differences are emerging in patterns of Middle Palaeolithic and later hominin occupation and palaeodemography.

Handbook of Paleolithic Typology Vol 1: The Lower and Middle Paleolithic of Europe (translated into Korean).

The paper reports on the fourth (2010) season of fieldwork of the Cyrenaican Prehistory Project, and on further results of analyses of artefacts and organic materials collected in the 2009 season.

Ground-based Li Dar has provided both an accurate 3D scan of the Haua Fteah cave and information on the cave's morphometry or origins.

Timing of the emergence of the Europe–Sicily bridge (40–17 cal ka BP) and its implications for the spread of modern humans.

Arnaud, J., Peretto, C., Panetta, D., Tripodi, M., Fontana, F., Arzarello, M., Thun Hohenstein, U., Berto, C., Sala, B., Oxilia, G., Salvadori, P.

The excavations of Trench M extended from the basal Capsian layers investigated in 2009 through Oranian layers to the transition with the Dabban Upper Palaeolithic.

Some 17,000 lithic pieces have been studied from the Capsian and Oranian layers excavated in Trench M, in an area measuring less than 2 m by 1 m by 1.1 m deep, along with numerous animal bones, molluscs, and macrobotanical remains, as well as occasional shell beads.


How heat alters underlying deposits and implications for archaeological fire features: A controlled experiment. R., Sannino, G., Ferranti, L., Furlani, S., Lambeck, K., Canese, S., Catalano, R., Chiocci, F.


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