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We now stood on the opposite side of one my biggest battlegrounds. When my best friend’s mother had a miscarriage, she lost her unborn sister, whom she had already started to love.

How could I simply drop this person into one of the well-divided sides in my mind? I have never gone through anything like this, but I can see how it could change a person’s opinion about things.

The people who do not agree with something you passionately believe in go on the side of people you detest and the ones who agree with you become your new best friends. I found out that my best friend was against abortions.

She was against women having bodily autonomy and having a right to decide what they wish to do with their own bodies. This was the person who always stood by me, even when I made terrible mistakes.

We can learn something priceless from everyone if we’re open to it.

Because of my best friend’s story, I learned the power of acceptance and respect.

I learned to respect the people who held beliefs that did a poor job of aligning with mine — as long as their views aren’t based on fear or hatred.

From that point on, I lived under a canopy of my staunch belief that people who are anti-choice do not deserve my respect.


This story angered me, it gave me shivers to know that I live in a world where people so casually deny women the right to their own bodies.It was at that moment that I decided I was a feminist, and that I hated people who wanted to take away my rights and give it to a fetus who was using body to survive without my consent.The person who was my very first friend on my first day of elementary school.The person who would commiserate with me after each bad date. And I hadn’t realized that everyone had a life experience, beyond what I could superficially see, that created the path to their current beliefs.

I can easily point out the day, date and time when I started calling myself a feminist.Two years ago I read a newspaper article about how a fourteen-year-old girl had been raped and then denied an abortion.


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