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Unlike other STD dating sites, Hzone only accepts users living with HIV.

It is just a newly launched dating app that is available in the apple store in Mar, 2015.

Overall rating: POZ Personals is a dedicated site to help HIV individuals.

Positive Singles has around 821,000 anonymous HIV singles, herpes singles and other STD singles in its network.

It has become the most successful and largest HIV dating portal on the web.

A good HIV dating site is not just to help you find your love but also expose you to the group of people who have HIV.

It requires complete honesty and a certain level of disclosure before any sexual act.

You can surfer the service like HIV support, HIV dating tips, HIV medical answers and live consultations with HIV experts and professional counselors.

It has many members from US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Overall Rating: Hzone is the #1 dating app dedicated for people with HIV and AIDS only.

From the interview on some of its members, Hzone is a trustful dating platform for those people with HIV. It is a tinder-like platform for people to date other HIV singles by swapping the profile cards to right and left.

Members there don’t need to filter out the people who live with the same condition when starting the dating game. It is totally free to register and use Hzone at this time.


Overall Rating: Positive Singles is ranked as the No.1 HIV dating site.

It provides dating service to singles and couples living with HIV and other STDs.


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