Priyanka chopra dating life

For quite a long time Priyanka Chopra boyfriend was known to be Shahid Kapoor.However, as of right now the couple is not dating anymore.However, the news have been announced that her ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor has saved her life.The accident made Priyanka Chopra to be aware of the real value and worth of true love.One source claimed that when the filming was set in the Daulatabad Fort, around 30 thousand people bought tickets in order to visit the place.One scene of the movie was shooted on the lake shore surrounded by mountains, which was attended by a huge group of people who tried to mob the actress.Priyanka Chopra was saved by her ex-boyfriend while almost getting mobbed.

This was the time when Priyanka Chopra boyfriend Shahid Kapoor came to rescue his love.However, there was another side of people who claimed that no incidents actually happened.


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