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Looking in the mirror I couldn't notice a huge difference at first, but when I looked back at the 'before' pictures, I realised my breasts had been lifted and pushed together - and just generally looked neater.

Visit and submit a picture of yourself and fill out the form.

Experts at Curvy Kate, which sells D-K bra sizes, are offering an exclusive 'size challenge' to FEMAIL readers, asking you to email a picture of yourself and they will judge the right bra size for you.

Picture posed by model Admittedly my bra could dig my ribs from time to time - which I took as a sign that it was still too small - and my boobs do look like they could be more than a C - but, as they almost say, if the bra fits...'We find when bra fitting that almost all women have to go down at least two back sizes and up at least two cup sizes,' said Curvy Kate's Chantelle Crab.

The experts will then diagnose your correct bra size just by looking at you.


Caroline pictured left in a 36C bra, right in Curvy Kate's 30G Caroline had never been measured as she had worn a 36C (pictured left) her entire adult life and 'been happy with it'.After sending her picture to Curvy Kate's 'bra whisperer' she now wears a 30G (pictured right)I had to wrestle a little with the strap - being used to ones that practically touch when they're loose - and it felt a bit tight to begin with, but after wearing it for just five minutes I got used to it.



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