Poland dating etiquette

Not all beaches in Europe are designated nude beaches.

Respect Privacy: People who take off their clothes don't abandon their privacy.

Visit Germany, Poland, and Denmark from June to mid-August if you'd like to tan naked.

So if you approach someone, do it in a polite fashion and avoid any improper proposals.

When to Travel: Unfortunately, you can't find Europe in the Caribbean Sea, which means you can enjoy European nude beaches only during the summer time.

I'm Marc Stephan for and today we are going to talk about the etiquette on a nude beach.

Items to bring: Bring to the nude beach the same items you would take to any other beach, such as water, a book or your i Pod, a towel, and, of course, sun block.


As intriguing as it might seem, don't stare at other naked people.

And only take pictures after you ask everybody near you for permission. Just because everybody is naked, it doesn't mean that people go to a nude beach to hook up.



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