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To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.I got the latest issue of Coro Coro and in it was the first chapter of the new (non Poke Special) Diamond and Pearl manga! P) With my limited knowledge of Japanese I could barely translate a few sentences but here's a guide I wrote from what I could see: The chapter starts with two pages in full colour of what is more-or-less an ad for what follows.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon.When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it.The scene switches to Hikari and Kenji talking by a lake, Hikari seems mad at Kenji for some reason or another... It appears Kenji enjoys pretending to be Pokemon (He is shown swimming with Magikarp, climbing trees with Aipom and eating trees with Bippa!But Kenji is distracted when a Magikarp comes up to greet him yelling "Koi Koi! ) Hikari is amazed and sits on a rock and watches as he copies a Geodude pick up a different rock.The next page is again in full colour and shows a girl (couldn't find her name so I'll just call her Hikari) riding a bike through a mountain region.She here's a "Do Do Do" sound and turns around to see a group of Aipom jumping through the trees and straight towards her!

(The rock was part of it's tail.) and even worse, the rock Hikari was sitting on was it's horn and her skirt is caught on it!(This scene is confusing, I'm not sure wether the reason Hikari was riding her bike was because she was delivering the case to the professor OR if the case had been lying on the ground and no-one knew who it belonged to, I' m not sure about this because before Onix appeared, Hikari was sitting next to a case, I don't know wether it was a different case or the professor's.) Kenji crawls over and opens it to discover it contains Pokeballs containing Pochama, Naetle and Hikozaru. his teeth touch the opening mechanism and releases Pochama... Kenji spits him out and needless to say Pochama is NOT very happy and refuses to do anything for him.She rides her bike faster in order to get away but slows down when she notices that in the group of Aipom is a human boy!(Same as Hikari, I'll call him Kenji.) Because she slowed down, the Aipom all trample Hikari but she quickly gets up and calls out to Kenji, turning around to answer Kenji runs straight into a tree!

Kenji says sorry to Onix but it doesn't seem interested and instead flattens him with its tail.Hikari (who is still hanging from Onix's head) gets angry but notices a briefcase lying on the floor and points it out to Kenji. Kenji picks up Pochama's ball and begins gnawing on it in an attempt to break it open.


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