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I like close relationships with people, and truly enjoy "playing on all 88 keys" with those I am close to. I love intensity and depth in others, and I know that those are qualities that I have as well. I enjoy theater, movies, reading, dinner out with one friend or a small close group of people. I do not enjoy conflict and prefer talking things out no matter I'll be 52 in two weeks, which makes me a Taurus. Pennsylvania Flirt Looking for sexy singles in Pennsylvania? I am on a spiritual path and it is one which embraces all traditions. I am a sometimes outgoing and sometimes shy person. I like different kinds of music but not that heavy music of today. I grew up in the country and I enjoy the out of doors. I'm into photography, cultural events, concerts, dining out, car cruizes, and just about anything that sounds exciting. I am kind, loving, good-hearted(to a fault), intelligent, and I love to spend evenings alone w/my special someone. I didn't let them in my life; God blessed me with them. I am interested in meeting a dynamic man,a one of a kind man who captures the interest of everyone in the room including myself. I like to talk on the phone, be a good listener and am easy going. Enjoy just sitting at home and watching movies and cuddling. I am 5'4" tall, blonde/blue, fashionable eyewear, body is proportionate, long legs, great smile. I am a woman who cares deeply about people she lets in her life; the only exception to that are my children, grandchild and my dogs. Hughing, kissing and responding to each others needs. Life is too short to play games; if I like you, I'll tell you and if not, well that too.


Been a widow for eleven and miss the attention that a man can give. I'm looking for someone to give loving attention to and get some in return.


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