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Kyle has revealed that Hillary got her to lie about her affair on 60 Minutes and says she can't be trusted.Staff didn't want to believe it was true that Bill would have had an affair with an intern and even asked Bill about it.


And it could be even more painful as her husband's dalliances come back to haunt the presidential candidate'At one point they kept asking me questions about people and I told them, "I cannot mention another name to you because as soon as I mention a name, you subpoena these young kids who can't afford any lawyers.

Now ask me what you want, but I'm not saying any other names".'When Clinton first stepped out on the national stage to run for president in 1992, he was advised by Susan Thomases (left) longtime Clinton friend and campaign scheduler.

The discovery that he had oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office in January 1998 abruptly changed the course of Bill Clinton's presidency.

But it wasn't breaking news to those who had worked closely with him during his Arkansas days.

It sent them into a tailspin and it jeopardized the legacy of his administration. And it could be even more painful as her husband's dalliances come back to haunt the presidential candidate.

Willey joined an organization to campaign against Hillary's presidential race earlier this year, while Tripp has said that Hillary 'must never become president'.


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