Oracle of dating series

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Obviously generating a list 0..364 would work, too, since I could always: Personally, if an application has a need for a list of dates then I'd just create a table with them, or create a table with a series of integers up to something ridiculous like one million that can be used for this sort of thing.

Posterity nothing; that helped me figure out some bizzarely difficult to track down sql commands for TD.

If there is really only one column, the question doesn't make sense.

Indrajit Agasti is working with Cognizant Technology Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom, as a Project Lead and Oracle Developer.

Otherwise, the result has the same day component as ? Also, we need to modify t he ADD_MONTHS and TRUNC functions to calculate the number of rows for a year. the leap year consideration) will be taken care by Oracle. as the First Day of the Month, we will obtain the first day of the next month. The difference between the first day of next month and first day of current month will give us the exact number of days in the current month.


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