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This is where he runs the club from his computer, watching a live feed of strippers strolling in and undressing in the locker room.

But then the strip joint was denied a liquor license, the result of a citywide effort to hurt the profitability of adult clubs by making them go dry .

Around that time, a lot of clubs in red-light areas like Hunts Point had to close their doors because they lost their licenses along with their booze-related income streams.

He's been running the day-to-day operations of the Show Palace since the summer of 2012, when the club first opened its doors.

Back then, it was on track to becoming a run-of-the-mill NYC titty bar.

And national chains like Rick's Cabaret, which were looking to expand at the time, got rebuffed from opening up new spots when they couldn't lock down a license.

The club is still fighting in court for a liquor license—but in the meantime, its girls can offer fully nude, full-friction entertainment to a clientele that is 18-and-up. The inside of the Show Palace comprises multiple levels.

(Other strip clubs in New York City that serve alcohol can provide merely topless entertainment to their 21-and-up crowds.) Upping Show Palace's ratchet level is the fact that it's the only after-hours strip club in the city. Although the main floor of the house—with its poles, booths, stages, and non-alcoholic bar—is what gets most the of the attention, prior to opening hours, all the action happens elsewhere.


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