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Meet key players in the New Zealand welfare system inspiring an Australian “revolution” Australia has a poverty problem, not a welfare problem: unemployment is a failure of the market, not the person Private company tells Australia it will no longer provide welfare services to detained refugees on Nauru UK’s first “food waste” supermarket opens UK neighbours blockade home to prevent “revenge eviction” after mum complains about dampness Only 3 out of 700 UK firms prosecuted for paying below the minimum wage Policy Options: Ontario social assistance doesn’t meet basic human needs It’s time to Fix the Gap NDP MPP tables social assistance bill again MPPs sort food to raise awareness of hunger in Ontario Op-Ed: Government should increase social assistance rates now Ontario Throne Speech – government announcement: ----- Throne Speech gets mixed reviews ----- Ontario parents welcome new focus on daycare ----- Analysis from Sheila Block: Heat over hydro dominates Ontario throne speech ----- Wynne announces 8% HST cut from hydro bills in throne speech ----- High Ontario hydro rates targeted in Hamilton protest September 28 ----- Cohn: Ontario Liberals profiting from the politics of hydro tax cuts ----- Backgrounder: Electricity rate relief for Ontario consumers ----- Backgrounder: Existing programs to reduce electricity costs for consumers and businesses ----- Release: Ontario introducing measures to reduce electricity costs ----- Hydro offset not enough to help struggling families ----- Lorinc: Housing affordability, not hydro bills, is what’s really hurting Ontario ----- Star Editorial: Ontario offers some good news and some good politics ----- Hydro rebate criticized for doing little to stem cost of electricity ----- Most rural Ontario hydro customers to see new increases, despite rebate Province makes accessing ODSP easier for adults and kids with developmental disabilities Government release Canada: Foreign farm workers demand permanent status ----- Ottawa urged to grant permanent status to migrant workers upon arrival ----- The murky world of the agencies that recruit temporary foreign workers ----- How the temporary foreign worker program is shaping Canada’s underground economy ----- It’s time to stop abuse of temporary farm workers ----- Infographic: The high cost of a job in Canada: http WSIB policy pushes hurt workers into humiliating jobs and unemployment Behind the Numbers: New child benefit is good, not great Alberta makes minimum wage regulations official No longer homeless: How Buddy and Maureen went from sleeping in a field to a new apartment Canadian Human Rights Tribunal issues second Compliance Order against government of Canada on First Nations child welfare Destabilizing tenancy rights is not the solution to Ontario’s housing shortage How can people afford this?

James Bay communities struggle to eat healthy Minister Duclos: A social policy theorist faces the trade-off between what’s possible and what’s ideal Government release: Ontario establishes portable housing benefit pilot program to help survivors of domestic violence List of participating communities It’s now easier for tenants in abusive relationships to break leases in Ontario Fleeing faster: New Ontario provision allows domestic and sexual abuse victims to break rentals early Changes to Residential Tenancy Act for survivors of sexual and domestic violence Ministry of Labour: Minimum Wage increase as of October 1 Government release: Full-day kindergarten reaches more than one million students Government release: Ontario adds 10,500 jobs in August Underfunding brings isolation for people with developmental disabilities New social assistance rates start September 30 – here’s ISAC’s rates sheet to explain Action Alert: October 1 and Fairness event at Queen’s Park Ten things to know about Canada’s national housing strategy consultations Homeless Hub: Newsletter this week Research Paper: The very poor and the affordability of housing Calgary Homelessness Foundation: National Housing Strategy Brief Report shows raising GIS earnings exemption would help most low-income seniors Guelph& Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination event: Can a Basic Income Guarantee eliminate poverty?


EI Commission announces 2017 premium rate and maximum insurable earnings bag of potatoes: Northern Ontario aboriginals spend more than half of income on food Carleton researchers say City of Ottawa is balancing its books on the backs of the poor Appeal Court rules City of Toronto failed vulnerable tenants The hidden pockets in Toronto where gentrification is really happening Toronto’s problem?

Our public sector is poor while our private sector is booming Yukon’s social assistance policy keeps women in abusive relationships Cape Breton Regional Municipality mayoral candidate points finger at child poverty Minimum wage families in Manitoba further in poverty under Pallister government Syrian refugees in Moose Jaw give back by helping with the harvest at a community food farm Editor’s column: BC’s assistance rates shows our own disability Op-Ed: BC government should craft poverty reduction strategy BC employment programs for people with disabilities going unused Success of BC’s “welfare to work” policies vastly exaggerated Negative reaction to BC Liberals’ disability bus pass increase Small minimum-wage increase is a reason to talk about a BC poverty reduction strategy IMF head Christine Lagarde says Canada should boost growth by helping women in the labour market CPP changes do little to ensure appropriate income for future retirees Canadian pensions rank among the top global plans Solitary confinement can be deadly for mentally ill inmates Canadian cities help undocumented migrants as Ottawa deports them Stats Can to tally number of contract, part-time professors Angus Reid: Two-in-three Canadians approve of PM Justin Trudeau Why thousands of people signed petitions to investigate Apple’s tax strategies Could Europe’s tax fight with Apple affect other businesses?

The ISAC Media and Policy News E-list provides subscribers with links to poverty-related news, research, and resources in Ontario, with a focus on social assistance and poverty law and related social and economic policy, with local, provincial, and national perspectives.

Link to OCAP and SALCO’s report Homelessness funding increase not enough to address growing need in Niagara Cities’ housing and homelessness plans doomed to fail without federal investment (incl. Death of private pensions puts more pressure on CPP Editorial: Changes ahead for pensions plans Small and medium-size businesses say CPP increases are “not modest” Quebec is still holding out on pension reforms OCAP demands fixes to housing fund at Toronto City Hall Toronto rooming house conversions to Airbnb worry housing advocates Toronto’s new Presto transit fare system may be a good idea, but only if you can afford it Daily Bread, others may cut ties with troubled Flemingdon Community Food Bank North Hastings Children’s Services coordinating efforts to stop domestic violence North Simcoe report says addressing poverty key to reducing hospital visits Young mothers and public health nurses will forge close relationships in a new London / Middlesex County program Basic income already proven to work Sudbury conference explores basic income Campaign collecting new socks to help those in Peel living in poverty The link between Vancouver’s homelessness and soaring housing prices Critics say Greater Victoria BC landlords are taking advantage of tight housing market to raise rents Single women in poverty being forced into predatory sex-for-rent arrangements in Vancouver BC’s welfare laws rob women of choice in relationships BCBank of Canada governor says economy should soon get a boost from Canada Child Benefit and new infrastructure spending Minister Morneau says global anxiety about change best tackled by first helping families Morneau says housing market rule changes will take time to play out Radio: What the 1.5% increase for ODSP rates actually means Joe Fiorito’s last column, as he hangs up his hat after 17 years Daily Bread’s annual Toronto hunger report highlights growing need among older adults Food bank users increasingly older, better educated “ Those who live on social assistance may not be receiving enough money to pay for both food and housing” Huge increase in demand from newly-arrived Syrian refugees – low incomes and high housing costs to blame The DBFB’s report The DBFB’s news release Don’t let an essential reform on social assistance disappear Op-Ed: Hamilton MPPs bill will fix a broken system Average rent for two-bedroom apartments in Toronto climbed 12.5% in 2016 New report on rents in various communities across Canada Mayors form alliance, convene a summit today to push for housing cash Fight for affordable housing in Vancouver intensifies as units sit empty Canada’s housing crisis is a public health emergency Indigenous woman protests poor housing conditions on First Nations with a hunger strike Op-Ed: National affordable housing plan urgently needed Ottawa making housing fix a top priority, minister says Chinese student files lawsuit to halt BC’s 15% tax on foreign purchasers CIBC says Ontario will need to implement foreign buyer tax on housing Workers’ Action Centre releases response to Changing Workplaces Review Interim Report October 1 rally: Demonstrate for and Fairness Migrant farm workers deserve better from Canada Seasonal Agricultural Workers deserve the right to call Canada home Migrant workers caravan hits Toronto en route to Parliament Hill Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day seeks faster action from Ontario on First Nations poverty Canada Revenue Agency is cracking down on Panama Papers “tax cheats” Walkom: Unifor-GM agreement a stake in heart of company pensions CPP benefits hike will take 40 years to be fully implemented CPP changes will hurt economy in short term: Officials CPP expansion will increase earnings cap by 14% Government of Canada Backgrounder: CPP Enhancement Government of Canada Backgrounder: Long-Term Benefits of Canada Pension Plan Enhancements Quebec pension fund ups the stakes in infrastructure “test case” Changes to the way Social Assistance Clients Access Drug Coverage Government release: Ontario increasing minimum wage on October 1 Minimum Wage increase: Is it enough?

Jennefer Laidley is with the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC) in Toronto.Jennefer scans the electronic media for links to items of interest for social researchers and advocates in Toronto, and she also covers (to a lesser extent) the provincial, national and international scenes.



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