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Higher earners who pay 40 per cent income tax can also claim the difference between the higher rate and the basic rate of tax through their self-assessment tax return – a further 20 per cent – on the total value of their donation.They can hand over this extra refund to the charity at no additional cost.Rather than helping a good cause, anyone doing this creates a headache for volunteers, who have to go through and often throw away what might be piles of rubbish.In some cases a charity may be able to pick up big items – including furniture such as tables and wardrobes – which can help you declutter while supporting others.Details of local solicitors can be found through the website uk.Donations to charity shops can also be covered by the Gift Aid scheme.

It is important not to simply turn up in the middle of the night and dump a pile of bags full of junk on the doorstep.

If you have a particularly generous boss, you could also suggest they match the donation – for local good causes it can create positive publicity that is far better than if the money was spent on an advertising campaign.

Retired insurance broker Michael Freeman, 67, and his wife Debra, 61, do not have any dependants and have decided to leave everything to the Isabel Hospice in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, when they die.‘It is wonderful that we have the opportunity to give something back in our wills – being able to support special people who provide such valuable help is a privilege.

Hospices are vital to local communities.’You might be tempted to draw up a will using a £20 do-it-yourself kit, but though these may seem a bargain, it makes sense to pay a professional to be certain your will is filled in correctly and covers all eventualities.

Trading websites such as charity The Free-cycle Network enable customers to find others who want items you might otherwise throw out – offering benefits that cost you nothing.If your employer does not offer payroll giving, why not ask if they could set it up?


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